New album "Joy" is coming in 11th March of 2016!

Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - Joy LP

"Drum & Bass is more than a movement, this is our world. It's more than words, rhythm, professionalism, style of performance - it's become all in one and transforming into a music, because it can't exist separately"

"This music can inspire you and give you a flow, when you don`t expect it or even don`t want it. It will give you an opportunity to believe in what you thought is impossible. It gives you a chance, hope and motivation.
Joy is more than a word, more than a pleasure for your ears. Musically Joy is the World that flew away from street routine, simple human problems and everything that we don't want to see - you can found yourself in a different role, on a different planet, in a different world.
When you listen the Joy world starts to be more colorful, it's not grey anymore, it's like a palette filled with whole spectrum"

"Joy LP includes 15 tracks. Vinyl edition includes 6 tracks, and the full album with 15 tracks available only in digital format. Working on this album, we tried to create special mood with flirty liquid tunes such as "Magic Moment", "Mastermind", as well as booming dancefloor rollers such as "Ghetto Drama", "Frontline". You can feel influences of musical genres such as Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul and modern british scene.
We hope that everyone will found special inspiring mood in the Joy"

Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Joy LP


All tracks written & produced by Dmitriy Sabekiya & Alexey Fuifanov

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VINYL: Groovedis // Redeye
DIGITAL: iTunes // Junodownload